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Annual Self Assessment Tax for Musicians can be a time consuming and complex task.  In addition to the 'paperwork' element there is the understanding of what is tax deductible for musicians, what expenses can be included and how to calculate the final figures.   In the creative world of music and entertainment your focus should always be on the next song, gig, stage show or act and we can help you achieve that.

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Our clients, whilst all musicians, performers and entertainers, are all unique when it comes to filing tax and income allowances. Expenses differ for each individual.  Being part of a group or band can be even more confusing, as a self employed professional you need specialist advice for your individual situation whilst also including any benefits that being part of a group has to offer.

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VAT registered?

No problem. At MEAS we are specialists in helping musicians and entertainers with VAT filings plus all HMRC associated services.  Unsure if you should be VAT registered?  We can help you with this also.

Heard about Making VAT Digital and wondering how this will affect you, what should you be doing about this? We can offer advice and support around this.

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PAYE and Self Employed?

Many of our clients have both PAYE and self employment income, making completing tax returns even more complex and time consuming for any individual.  At MEAS we have extensive experience of completing such returns and ensuring that you are making the most of your allowances and claimable expenses.

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Claimable expenses for musicians and entertainers

Business expenses for self employed musicians and entertainers go some way towards reducing your tax payment, however what you can claim is dependant upon many factors, it is not merely as simple as being able to claim for all expenses. There may also be costs that you had never considered as tax deductible which can count towards reducing your final tax payment.

Musician or Entertainer looking for tax advice and support

Whether you are a seasoned musician, new to the industry or member of a band/group MEAS (Musicians and Entertainers Accountancy Service) can assist you with all tax and accounting matters.


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